Every month, we will select "Birthday Stars" to be featured as part of our Birthday Club promo on Watch n Learn (channel 400), Watch n Learn (On Demand), Now TV Facebook Page and Now TV YouTube Channel.


Open to kids aged between 0 and 10 years

Please supply the information required and submit a photograph

Kid's Name:

Date of Birth:

Parent/Guardian's Name:

How to find my Now TV A/C number?

TV e-Statement


Photographic requirements:

  • File size should >1MB and <2MB in JPEG format
  • Each photo must show one kid only
  • Photos must be clear
  • An application must be submitted at least two months, and no earlier than three months, before a desired appearance on Watch n Learn channel. For example, Watch n Learn's celebration of a child's birthday in December means an application should be made sometime between September 1 and October 31.